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U-geek Via La Spezia, 60B Roma
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About Us

What we do and who we are

Welcome to U-geek!


If you think that you are: a geek, or a nerd who wears sweatshirts, a coder, a hacker, a cracker, or if you are hardcore gamer; if you are an otaku or are gadget obsessed; if you are an action figure collector, or a fetishist of any object that is keyboard – controlled or electronic;
if you feel that you are a genius, or a misunderstood genius in the computer science, robotics, mathematics or quantum physics fields, or if you are, simply, a worn out programmer that breaks codes all night long;
if you are able to identify yourself as one of these types, then U-geek is the right store for you.
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This store was created by people who possess a strong passion, and who are on the borderline of insanity, for everything regarding the world of computers and technology and it is dedicated to all of the people with same obsession.
We have just started this adventure, and there still remains much to do. But as you can see, we have already been able to mark our identity.
In the meanwhile, we would like to thank you for visiting us, and we invite you to give us suggestions or advice, or simply to express an opinion regarding our website and street store which has opened in Rome. This will provide us with the opportunity to constantly improve our services and our offers, to correct our mistakes and, above all, to guarantee that you enjoy your browsing and shopping experience with us!
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Meet The Team

Interdisciplinary team (patners in the life <3) with big ideas and challenges.

Giancarlo Figlia


Co-Founder - Owner and Technical Director



Co-Founder - Marketing and Business Relations

About us.

We define ourselves as either geeks or nerds which are two types of social creatures with many common features, but who are also different in some aspects. Each one has a precise allocation in the digital culture society.
We are a couple of Italian programmers in our forties, (who both work in the IT field), who were born in the so-called “brown years” that some have defined as the “seventies.”
Therefore, we were lucky to live our adolescence in the roaring 80’s. Precisely, the “eighties” – those years in which the cultural revolution linked itself to the use of computers; a precursor of what is now called the “Geek Culture”, which had its first experiences to be widespread throughout the world.
It was a culture that we immediately embraced, and the birthplace of our greatest passions, which is still as much alive in us today, as when we were teenagers. We are endowed with a profound passion for computers, programming, video games, and to everything which is related to technology and innovation.
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All of this brought my partner and I – (somewhere I read that nerds only couple with other nerds…. as so it was for us!) – to decide to open up an online store, but also a physical store. The first of its kind open to the public, and be dedicated to the sale of products which are intended for people who share our same passions. The result is U-geek!
We sell innovative gadgets and technology products from the best international brands around. We carefully selected suppliers from around the world from which we import only the best products, some of them even exclusively, to market here in Italy and we desire to have them circulate within the fantastic community of nerds and geeks which is becoming increasingly numerous and active even in our country.
We not only have just gadgets, but also many other types of products that can be helpful and supportive in the workplace, in everyday life, and of course for fun for people like us, who live most of the time in front of a PC screen or a mobile device and who are always, connected to the network, naturally.
We are constantly enriching our catalog with the latest news, preferring the most cutting-edge items always, which are even more smart and surprising, and ones that will strive to improve the experience and the lifestyle of the true geek!
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We sell amazing and smart things.

We provide more category products

We just started but we constantly improve our catalog.


WTF! Enjoy this shopping experience!

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For more information give us a call +39 06 97 887 740 or subscribe our newsletter and get update when we open.

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